In the fast paced, automated, and materialistic world we live in today, it is rare to find people with the conviction, skill set, and determination it takes to work day in and day out to provide a service or good that is often overlooked.  My interest in this group of people began in my early teenage years while working on farms in Ohio in exchange for the rights to hunt on the land of the farm owners.  During the several summers I worked on these farms I learned the true meaning of hard labor and its rewards from an extremely under appreciated group of people: the proletariat.  To this day I firmly believe that rather than increasing mass production , cheap prices, and convenience we as a community can look those these people for inspiration and guidance. 

Years later when in college I found my love for photography.  My interest in subject matter almost instantly shifted towards documenting the beauty of the proletariat and the equipment they work with.  It is my intention to continue expanding this body of work by traveling to, and studying various fields of manual labor across the U.S. in order to represent and share beauty in a very under appreciated group of people.